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Engineered Hydraulic Kit Solutions
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The HKX team is made up of experts, engineers, and hands-on, make-it-happen, all-around great people who enjoy the process. We know the machines and attachments inside and out, and are
committed to producing the best product in the shortest amount of time. We just want to get you the kit that fits.


The HKX engineering team is full of hydraulic and mechanical design experts focused on developing engineered solutions to your most difficult problems. Our process involves the users, dealers and OEM's to ensure the products we offer fulfill a range of requirements including quality, functionality, durability, installation, upgradability, availability and value.
  • Over 30 years designing and developing kit solutions.
  • Over 50,000 kits shipped to date.


HKX hydraulic systems kitting expertise saves time and money.
  • Pre-assembled components enhance installation speed.
  • Modular design adds flexibility and allows for future upgrades.
  • OEM quality components and design improve durability.
  • Bolt-on designs reduce installation costs.
  • Plug and Play weather tight electrical components ensure proper connections and reduce electrical failures.
  • Powder coated, CNC bent tubing ensure a proper and consistent fit.
  • Smart packaging using recycled materials designed to ship via parcel allows for 1-day air shipments.


HKX's technical support team is designed to ensure quick solutions to challenging problems. Thorough troubleshooting, systems knowledge, and hydraulic expertise ensure quick solutions.

  • 99% of parts are in stock and ship same or next day.
  • Kit serial numbers ensure replacement parts are correct.
  • Extensive database of machine, attachment and work function accessory information allows for quick support resolution.


HKX's culture is based in value. The HKX value chain is characterized by ease of ordering, fast fulfillment, attention to detail, superior support and designs that meet your functional and commercial needs.

  • Designed to SAE specifications using high quality components sourced from reputable vendors.
  • Short Lead Times - 3 to 5 business days for most standard kits.
  • Recyclable packaging that meets parcel dimensions and allows for 1-day air shipments when needed.
  • Illustrated instructions, color coded packaging, and expert support lead to faster, successful installations.
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