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Engineered Hydraulic Kit Solutions

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Engineered Hydraulic Kit Solutions
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KOMATSU PC360LC-11  Arm Length: 13' 2"
KOMATSU PC390LC-11  Arm Length: 13' 2"
Primary Circuit
Oil Direction:
Single or Double Direction
Circuit Config:
CD-HF - High flow dedicated case drain line - Provides a means of draining excess oil from motors commonly used in rotary attachment circuits such as mulchers, brush cutters, shear rotation circuits, eccentric rippers etc. May be used as an electrical conduit line in some configurations. 3/4" inside diameter hose and tubing.

FLNG - 4-Bolt SAE flanged high duty cycle tubing - Provides high duty cycle capabilitiy and pressure spike resistance.

HFA - High Flow Supply line - Circuit supply line is sized to run industry standard attachments corresponding to weight of carrier without excess line velocity.

HP - High Pressure Return and Supply lines 5000 PSI - Circuit includes high pressure hoses on both sides.

XHFB - Extra High Flow Return Line - Circuit return line is larger than standard to allow for lower velocity through piping, creating less backpressure and more efficient operation, commonly required for single direction breakers, compactors and other attachments.

PRMFLO2 - Secondary pressure relief(2) / manual lockout - Manually activated secondary pressure relief valve (2) to allow lower pressure relief without the need for manual adjustment when switching between attachments with differing pressures.

BV - Ball Valve Terminated Lines - Ball valves with manual on/off levers which block the oil flow in the auxiliary lines to aid in attachment removal.

TLF - Thumb cylinder lockout valves for flange kits - Allow for hydraulic "lock-out" of the thumb cylinder when other attachments are connected.

CSV - Manual ball valve for 1 or 2-way attachments - manual oil direction valve allowing oil direction change for dual or single direction attachments such as thumb cylinders or hammers/compactors.

EFS - Automatic ball valve actuation for 1 or 2-way attachments - Allows operator to change oil direction in an auxiliary circuit from one-way to two-way flow via a cab mounted rocker switch or monitor attachment selection/programming, depending on machine monitor capabilities. EFS works in conjunction with the CSV option, but removes the manual ball valve handle and replaces it with a pilot oil actuator for error-free and simpler operation when switching between single direction and dual direction attachments.

JPC-L-IM - Integrated proportional joystick control with momentary breaker button function, matching LH handle and OEM monitor integration

Weight632.754250 lbs
Arm13' 2"
Flow DirectionSingle or Dual Direction

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